Programs: The Threes


Still progressing through the preoperational stage of development, we take the next step on our developmental continuum.   In addition to language growth, fostering independence, interacting with others, and motor skills, we provide our threes with pre-literacy skills, early math experiences, and the tools to become effective problem solvers.

Age Range/How long stay in class

Age Range:  

Students must be three years old on September 1 and be fully potty trained.

We no longer separate students based on the month they were born.   Instead, we speak with our Twos teachers to get feedback on who are best friends in the class, who they feel should remain together and even who should be separated.   We also consider the child’s personality when trying to fit them with their new teacher.  Finally, we look at the number of boys versus girls and try to make sure the classes have as even a mix as possible.

Students stay in the Threes classroom from the beginning of the school year until the end of the summer (even though they turn four during this time).

Specials Include:

Motor Development, Music, Zumbini and Spanish.  The Threes also present a Jingle Jam (a holiday music performance) during December.  

This is the first year that the students go on walking field trips during the summer following their school year.  




Examples of Activities

Sample What’s Happening