Meet The Towne Creek Team


Ms. Krishna has 32 years of experience working with preschool aged children. She has been with Towne Creek since February of 2006. She believes it is a great place for all children, parents and employees and she is very proud to be a member of the Towne Creek family. Ms. Krishna was born and raised in India and has a degree in Psychology.

Ms. Krishna
Lead Teacher: Infant 1 -RM 15

Ms. Katie has over 10 years of experience teaching. She has been teaching, nannying and starting her family ever since she graduated from The University of Texas in Austin. She has worked with infants – 3 years old. Her daughter was born in 2020 and Ms. Katie worked as a stay-at-home parent until her daughter was ready for preschool. She is excited to be back in the classroom with the babies. She loves snuggling, reading books and doing art with her friends in the infant room!

Ms. Katie
Teacher: Infant 1 -RM 15
s_Infant 2_Joys

Ms. Joys has been at Towne Creek for 9 years! Before she worked at TC, she worked at Memorial Hermann Hospital as a Customer Service Representative. Ms. Joys loves children and reading with them is her favorite activity. She wants her students to have the best and most positive learning experience while they are in her care.

Ms. Joys
Lead Teacher: Infant 2 – RM 14
s_Toddler 1 _Isabel

Ms. Isabel is completing her first year at Towne Creek! She has worked in childcare for 7 years and is excited to be the Toddler 1 Teacher. She is from Houston and loves being a mom, wife, and teacher.

Ms. Isabel
Lead Teacher: Toddler 1- RM 1
s_Toddler 1 _Justine

Ms. Justine has over 8 years of experience working with pre school aged children. She has 3 sisters, one of them is her twin! She loves working with children and always has. She says the best part of working with children is watching them learn and grow. She believes that hands on learning is the best approach with the little ones. Teaching has been her passion until she was in middle school!

Ms. Justine
Teacher: Toddler 1- RM 1
s_Toddler 2_Naomi

Ms. Naomi has been teaching for over 30 years! This is her 17th year at Towne Creek. She loves baking and spending time with her grandchildren. Ms. Naomi loves the Astros, LSU, and The Saints!

Ms. Naomi
Lead Teacher: Toddler 2 – RM 2

Ms. Ashley loves working with kids and watching them grow. From playing cars with the boys to doing little girls’ hair, taking care of the children means so much to her. She looks forward to seeing everyone’s smile and hearing “Ms. Ashley!” She is so grateful to be part of Towne Creek and enjoys spending time with the children.

Ms. Ashley
Toddler 2 - RM 2
s_Toddler 3_Ms. Josey

Ms. Josey has worked in education for over 6 years. She is excited to start her first year at TC as the Toddler 3 Lead Teacher! She loves watching her students bloom from learning new things. She enjoys her role as a wife, mom and fur-mom to a spoiled poodle named Bella. Her classroom is a fun learning environment!

Ms. Josey
Lead Teacher: Toddler 3 - RM 9
s_Toddler 3_Yenic

Ms. Yenic has been working with the Toddlers for 9 years! She has a true passion for working with our youngest learners. She enjoys helping students progress in all areas of their development. Academic, social, language and motor skills are challenges that she is honored to accept daily. She strives to create a community of learners that nurtures this growth in a positive, fun environment.

Ms. Yenic
Teacher: Toddler 3 - RM 9
s_Threes room 3_Sandra

Ms. Sandra has been working at Towne Creek for over two years! She has worked with the Toddlers through Pre-K. She is looking to encourage fun, exploration and growth for your child. She wants to encourage individuality, respect, and a fun/safe environment of learning.

Ms. Sandra
Lead Teacher: Threes - RM 3

Ms. Jasmine has been working with children for over 3 years and absolutely loves it. She is obtaining her associate in arts in teaching in the Spring of 2024 with high hopes of continuing her education at the University of Houston to obtain her bachelor's degree. In her free time, she enjoys going out of town and hanging out with her three dogs. She also enjoys reading, shopping and bike riding. She hopes to work closely with you and your children and help them grow into the best version of themselves!

Ms. Jasmine
Threes - RM 3
s_Threes Room 4_LaJontz

Ms. LaJontz has over 30 years of experience working with students Pre –K through Kindergarten. This is her 7th year teaching at Towne Creek. She believes every child can succeed with guidance and patience. Her goal is to instill a life-long desire for learning in each student.

Ms. LaJontz
Lead Teacher: Threes - RM 4
s_Threes Room 4_Chris

Ms. Chris is going on 6 years at Towne Creek. She has worked in Early Childhood for nearly 30 years. She has acquired a CDA and a Direction Certification. She loves working with the children and is looking forward to many years at Towne Creek. She enjoys reading educational books, watching documentaries on PBS, word puzzles and coloring.

Ms. Chris
Threes - RM 4
s_Threes Room 8_Stella

Ms. Stella has 20 years of experience working with three-year-olds. This is her 5th year working with the Threes at Towne Creek. She has worked with children of all ages as a cheer coach and dance and twirl coach. She has four children and 9 grandchildren! She believes that the classroom should be loving, consistent and fun!

Ms. Stella
Teacher: Threes - RM 8
s_Threes Room 8_Ms. Pat

Ms. Pat has been working with Ms. Stella for over a year. She has 16 years of experience working with children of all ages. She played volleyball, badminton, basketball, softball, and track when she was in High School and College. She has two grown children.

Ms. Pat
Teacher: Threes - RM 8

Ms. Alice has worked with Ms. Stella in the afternoons for 2 years. She has over 20 years of experience working with children of all ages. She has 3 grown children, 8 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild! She is excited to be working with the Threes!

Ms. Alice
Teacher: Threes - RM 8
s_PreK Room 5_Aundria

Ms. Aundria has been teaching for 10 years! She has been married for over 30 years and has a grown daughter. She has a sweet dog named Sugar. She enjoys teaching and watching her students grow.

Ms. Aundria
Lead Teacher: Pre-K - RM 5
s_PreK Room 6_Yolanda

Ms. Yolanda has been teaching at Towne Creek for 8 years. She is the proud mother of 2 wonderful sons. She has a B.A. in Theater Arts and an associate degree in Montessori Elementary Education. She has 13 years of previous experience teaching in the Montessori environment. She loves learning, being creative and having an enthusiasm for life. She enjoys sharing this with her students.

Ms. Yolanda
Lead Teacher: Pre-K - RM 6
s_PreK room 7_Heather

Ms. Heather has been at Towne Creek since 2017. She loves teaching Pre-K because she gets to be part of their foundation for the rest of their learning journey. She loves to see children learn, grow, and have fun.

Ms. Heather
Lead Teacher: Pre-K - RM 7
s_PreK room 7_Carlie

Ms. Carlie has been teaching for 3 years! She has been in the childcare industry for 7 years. She is a recent mom to a beautiful baby girl. She enjoys drawing and painting. She loves doing crafts with her students!

Ms. Carlie
Teacher: PreK – RM 7
s_Young 2’s Room 10_Kristen

Ms. Kristen is starting her 15th year at Towne Creek! She worked in the Young 2s Class for 6 years! She enjoys spending time with her family, going to the movies and shopping. She is looking forward to a wonderful year!

Ms. Kristen
Lead Teacher: Young 2s
s_Young 2’s Room 10_Erika
Ms. Erika
Teacher: Young 2s
s_Middle Twos Room 11_Jo Ann

Ms. JoAnn is starting her 31st year at Towne Creek! She loves working with the 2s and enjoys sharing their excitement and discoveries. She spent 8 years directing a different childcare facility. She is looking forward to a fabulous school year!

Ms. JoAnn
Lead Teacher: Middle 2s – RM 11
s_Middle Twos Room 11_Jennifer

Ms. Jennifer is starting her second year at TC in the Middle 2s. She enjoys watching the children grow and become more independent. Ms. Jennifer speaks both English and Spanish and has two children. Her youngest child attends Towne Creek!

Ms. Jennifer
Teacher: Middle 2s – RM 11
s_Older Twos Room 12_Cissy

Ms. Cissy has started her 18th year at Towne Creek! She loves working with this age group and enjoys sharing the student’s excitement and discoveries. She has a grown son and set of twins! She is looking forward to a wonderful school year!

Ms. Cissy
Teacher: Older 2s – RM 12
s_Older Twos Room 12_Kim

Ms. Kim has started her second year at Towne Creek alongside Ms. Cissy. She enjoys working with kids of all ages and has been working with children for the past 5 years. She looks forward to sharing her joy and excitement this year with her students!

Ms. Kim
Teacher: Young 2s

Ms. Jamie has been teaching for 35 years! She has taught in both public and private schools. She has a BA in Elementary Education and Special Education. She loves to teach and that’s why she’s still at it! She believes that every child can learn, but every child does not learn the same way or in the same time frame.

Ms. Jamie
Lead Teacher: Kindergarten – RM 17
Ms. Kendra

Coach Carmen has her bachelor's degree in physical education. Outside of work, she coaches softball and basketball. She has been the Motor Development Teacher at Towne Creek for the past 2 years. She enjoys working with children and watching their expressions when she introduces a new activity to them. She enjoys working out and shopping at Academy!

Coach Carmen
Motor Development - GYM

Ms. Brandy has been working and teaching children for 29 years. She has three beautiful children! She loves helping all our children learn and grow. She is looking forward to many many more years of helping our children have a very bright and wonderful future.

Ms. Brandy

Ms. Mia has always wanted to work with children. This is Ms. Mia’s first year working in childcare, and she loves it so far! She has enjoyed working with the amazing teachers and students at Towne Creek. She has enjoyed being a “floater” and learning from teachers in different rooms. She can feel the peaceful and loving energy as soon as she walks into the classrooms.

Ms. Mia
s_PreK Room 6_Alneisha

Ms. Alneisha is from New Orleans! She has been working with little ones for about 8 years. She is the mother of 6-year-old twin girls, and she loves to teach Language Arts and Science! She loves working with children because their minds are like little sponges and there is so much you can teach them!

Ms. Alneisha

Ms. Carolyn has worked with children for over 13 years. She has an amazing daughter. She loves to travel and check off every adventure they take on their list!

Ms. Carolyn

Ms. Cami has been working with children since 2017. They win her heart! This is her first year at Towne Creek and she loves it! She loves to travel and spend time with her friends.

Ms. Camila

Ms. Insha has been teaching for almost 2 years. She has a daughter and a large family that she loves to spend time with. She is currently pursuing her associate degree in nursing at WCJC. She has been doing Henna professionally for 6 years. In her free time, she loves to read, bake, craft and spend time outdoors. Her favorite part about working with kids is applying her skills as a mother and learning skills as a teacher to apply to her parenting. She looks forward to helping your child thrive at The Towne Creek School!

Ms. Insha
Floater for now

Ms. Amanda has been in education for 4 years. She received her Bachelors of Arts Degree from University of Houston - Downtown with a connection in creative writing. She loves working with children and thinks it is a privilege to be part of their development and growth. Ms. Amanda is a writer or Children's books, young adult literature, and speculative fiction. In February of 2021, she published her first story titled "Come Wander with Me." Most importantly, Ms. Amanda wants her students to know that they are special just the way they are.

Ms. Amanda
Floater for now
s_Rhonda Robbins

My name is Rhonda Robbins and I am a native Texan. I am the Assistant Director and have worked in Early Childhood for over 36 years. I have taught all ages except Toddler and Afterschool. I have been at Towne Creek since 1999 and taught Pre-K for my first 4 years. I have 3 daughters who attended Towne Creek and LOVED it. I am a grandmother of 4 and enjoy spending my free time with my grandchildren. I love sports, the outdoors and going to the beach.

Ms. Rhonda
Assistant Director

I have worked at Towne Creek since 2009. Prior to working at the school I had a 23 year career at the Houston Zoo. I started in the Children's Zoo as a zookeeper and worked my way up to supervisor then eventually Curator of the section. After 17 years, I transferred to the Education Department where I led the Education staff in Zoo programming both on and off site. While I loved working with the animals, I truly enjoyed working with the kids. After leaving the Zoo, I earned my alternative teaching certificate. While looking for a job, I remembered Towne Creek fondly, as my son Andrew attended from age three to 6. I contacted Ms. Judy and she hired me to fill a vacant three year old teaching position. I am sure I learned as much or more that year than my students! Three year olds are amazing! In 2010, I became the director of the school and have been in that position ever since. I love our school, our staff, our students and our families. When I'm not at work I spend time with my friends, my black lab "Rufus", and I travel to Kansas as often as possible to visit my two sons, their wives and my awesome 16 year old grandson!

Ms. Kathy

Ms. Laura has been part of the Towne Creek family as a teacher, parent and now as the curriculum coordinator. She has 14 years of experience working directly with children, taking 18 years off to raise her own kiddos. During that time, she served on a number of committees that impacted children in the community, while giving her the opportunity to develop and grow in ways that have benefited her professional interactions. She has a B.S. in Elementary Education from Syracuse University and a M.A. from Boston College in Early Childhood (Early Childhood Specialist) and is quite passionate about developmentally appropriate practice and recognizing each child’s special gifts. Fitness and outdoors are a very important part of her life. Additionally, she loves to read, travel, bake cookies and spend time with family!

Ms. Laura
Curriculum Director

Ms. Emily has been in education for the past 12 years. She has her Masters in Reading, Writing and Dyslexia and is a Certified Academic Language Specialist (CALT). Ms. Emily taught in HISD for 10 years before joining the Towne Creek Family. She enjoys supporting the teachers in their literacy instruction and supporting the parents and students at TC. She has two daughters who absolutely love attending the Toddler and Twos programs!

Ms. Emily
Administrative Assistant & Literacy Liason

My name is Catherine Guillory, and I am the Human Resources Representative for Towne Creek. I have worked at Towne creek for over 23 years. My daughter attended Towne Creek starting at the age of two and is now the Young Twos teacher here. I have three grandchildren, two of which also attended Towne Creek. I love dogs, gardening and reading.

Ms. Catherine
Human Resources

Ms. Elizabeth has been working in the kitchen at Towne Creek since 2008! You can find her shopping and preparing all the snacks and lunch for the children. She believes that kids need to learn to make good choices about food at an early age. She tries to provide students with healthier options like veggies with hummus, fruit, and less sugary snacks. She studied Business Administration in Mexico. She has two wonderful daughters and is a dog lover to her sweet, kind dog, Rebel. She loves spending time with family, going to the movie theater and her soccer team, Tigres VANL.

Ms. Elizabeth