After School Program

Safe & Enriching


The Towne Creek School’s Afterschool Program provides an opportunity for children from a variety of schools to come together after a long day at school to unwind, to play, to socialize, to do their homework, and participate in the variety of activities offered. Our vans pick up children from nearby schools (see the list of schools below). Upon arriving at Towne Creek, the children have a snack and play outside on the playground, the field, or the sport court. When they come inside, a variety of activities are offered, such as art, cooking, science, gym games, computer lab. They are also offered a choice of free art, table games, board games, pretend play, building blocks, or reading on a bean bag! The activities take place in our spacious “Room For Discovery”, the art room, the gym and the computer lab. When the students are with us all day (school holidays and teacher workdays), we plan special activities as well as in-house or off-campus field trips.


The Afterschool Tuition is not increased for major holidays/breaks (Thanksgiving, Winter Break, Spring Break and Early Release) when the children are with us all day. We do, however, charge extra for full-day teacher workdays and other holidays when Towne Creek is open and Fort Bend ISD is closed.


The schools we currently service are:
Sienna Crossing, Anne Sullivan, Schiff, Sonal Bhuchar, Quail Valley, Palmer, and Austin Parkway.

A school must have at least two participating students in order for Towne Creek to provide transportation service to them.



Holidays Only/Fort Bend ISD In-Service & Early Dismissal


Examples of Activities

Sample What’s Happening