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From infancy to kindergarten

Academic Approach

The Towne Creek program is a developmentally appropriate, play-based approach to early childhood education.  We recently adopted the Frog Street Curriculum to enhance our own Piagetian-based programming for students in our Infant through  Pre-Kindergarten programs.  Our goal is to foster a solid foundation for social, emotional, physical, and cognitive growth in order to build confidence and independence, as well as critical thinking and problem-solving skills.  We recognize the importance of developing the whole child and inspiring a lifelong love of learning.

Piaget Based

NAEYC Guidelines & Recommendations

Principles of Child Development and Learning and Implications That Inform Practice

Excerpt from Spotlight on Young Children: Exploring Play

Frog Street is an early childhood learning solutions company. Our goal is to help guide the next generation of children to success through research-based early childhood curriculum, digital resources, and professional development.


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Implementation & Communication

Teachers come together on a weekly basis to plan hands-on learning experiences related to a designated theme.  These experiences are incorporated into all areas of the classroom in large group activities, small group activities and centers to meet the individual & unique needs of each child in the classroom. 


Centers play a major role in the implementation of our program.  Centers are defined physical areas that allow children to explore, create and learn about our theme while enhancing the four components (social, emotional, physical, cognitive) of building a solid foundation and Whole Child.  Examples of centers include Dramatic Play, Creative Play, Science & Discovery, Art, Manipulatives, Language, Math, & Writing.  The number and type of center will vary depending on the age of the children in a specific classroom.

Parents have access to our parent portal/parent resources page.  A “What’s Happening” providing classroom highlights for the coming week is posted on Friday afternoon.  Permission slips and other helpful resources can be found here as well.


Staff members communicate with families both daily and weekly through the Smart Care App. This app allows us to easily provide photos, information about classroom and school activities, as well as a daily log 

of meals, sleep, and diaper changes when age appropriate.



The partnership between home, school, and community is an important part of the Towne Creek Program.  Studies show (site) children are more successful in “life” when these cohorts work together.  Family projects and activities as well as community-based experiences are embedded in our curriculum and a significant contributor to building the Whole Child.

Our Programs

From Infant to Kindergarten

Infants & Toddlers

An exponential amount of growth occurs in the first two years of life.  


An explosion of language, curiosity, and independence occur during this time. 


Still progressing through the preoperational stage of development, we take the next step…


Our Pre-Kindergarten Program is designed to ensure school readiness.  We continue to…


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Our After School Program provides a safe and enriching environment for kindergarteners…