Enrollment: New and Returning Families Summer

Please read instructions before you begin enrollment



Please read through the instructions below, then fill out the entire Enrollment Form. If your child has food allergies, you will need to turn in a signed Food Allergy Emergency Plan.   If you have an Infant, please read the Infant Section below the instructions.  Summer begins May 28, 2024. 

  1. Please Read the Parent Handbook 2024
  2. Download Adobe PDF Reader by clicking on the PDF Reader button .This will allow you to fill out the enrollment forms on your  computer (and save them if you want to) easily.
  3. Fill out page 1 of the Summer Packet.  If your child is attending the full summer and they are PreK or younger, you can choose a monthly rate.   If you will be on vacation 2 or more weeks, the weekly tuition option will be more cost effective for you. Select the weeks that your child will be attending. 
  4. Page 2 – fill out the Parent/Guardian information as well as the Emergency Contact information. 
  5. Page 3 – Fill out how you wish to pay
    a. By June 3rd for the entire summer if your child(ren) is attending 4 weeks or less
    b. Once a month on the 1st, or
    c. Twice a month, half on the 1st and half on the 15th.
  6. Initial all items under Policies and Parent Agreement.  Under First Aid, please mark all items you authorize Towne Creek to use on your child should the need arise. 
  7. Fill in theBe sure to complete and sign the Allergies/Speical Needs page.  If your child has allergies, please list the allergen and its severity. If it is a food allergy, we will need a signed Food Allergy Emergency Plan submitted prior to your child’s first day of school. 
  8. The Medical Information Form will need to be signed by a physician if your child is in PreK or younger.  For Kindergarten and up, we will need the Name, address and phone number of the elementary school your child attended in 2023/24. 
  9. * Please note. T-Shirts are included in the kinder to sixth grade group’s tuition. Don’t forget to list your child’s T-shirt size on page 1.  There is a $50 activity fee for students Kindergartn through sixth, which holds your child’s space for the summer.  There may be an added fee for some field trips during the summer. We will notify you well ahead of time if this is the case.
  10. Parents of infants – Please fill out the Infant Monthly Feeding Chart before the first day of Summer (May 28th). We must have this form on site for your child to attend their first day of Summer. Also, please read through the Sleep Exception Policy and fill out the Sleep Exception form if necessary.
  11. Complete the All About Me (Infants through PreK). 
  12. Read and sign the Parent Acknowledgement Page. 
  13. Read and sign the Splash and Free Swim Permission slip. 
  14. Print out your packet and bring it and any fees to the front office at Towne Creek.  The completed forms and fees save your child’s space. 

Please fill out the Infant Monthly Feeding Chart prior to the first day of Summer (May 28). We must have this form on site for your child to attend their first day of Summer.

Read through the Safe Sleep Policy.  Fill out the Sleep Exception Form only if applicable.

Swim Lessons

To participate in swim lessons, your child must be 3 years old on or before June 1, 2024. Sign up only for the swim sessions you know your child can attend. Fees will be due at the time you turn in your Swim Lesson enrollment form.