Enrollment: Current Family School Year

Please read instructions before you begin enrollment


School Year

Current Families need to complete the entire School Year Enrollment Form.  We will need a signed Medical Information Form and updated immunizations turned in prior to the first day of school.  If your child has a food allergy, we will need an updated Food Allergy Emergency Plan.

  1. Please read the Parent Handbook 2024.
  2. Download Adobe PDF Reader by clicking on the PDF Reader button. This will allow you to fill out the enrollment forms on your computer (and save them if you want to) easily.
  3. Fill out the School Year Enrollment Form.  Be sure to fill in the address and phone number of your emergency contacts. 
  4. Page 2 – Fill out how you wish to pay
    a. Pay for the full year and receive a 3 % discount. 
    b. Pay once a month on the 1st, or
    c. Pay twice a month, half on the 1st and half on the 15th. 
  5. Initial all items under Towne Creek Policies and Parent Agreement.  
  6. In the First Aid section, check all items that you authorize Towne Creek to use on your child should it be necessary. 
  7. On the Allergy/Special Needs Page, be sure to mark if your child has any allergies.  If they do, please list the allergen and severity.  *If your child has a food allergy, you will need to submit a Food Allergy Emergency play prior to your child’s first day of attendance. Please sign this page at the bottom.
  8. Have your doctor sign the Medical Information Form.  We will need this and a copy of immunizations for Infants through Towne Creek Kindergarten.  If your child attends public school, please write in the name, address and phone number of the school they attend. 
  9. Infants through Towne Creek Kindergarten must have a completed All About Me turned in with their enrollment forms. 
  10. Please sign and date the Parent Acknowlegment Page.
  11. Once you have completed the entire packet, print it out and bring it along with any fees to the front office at Towne Creek.  The enrollment form and fees hold your child’s space. 

Please fill out the Infant Monthly Feeding Chart prior to the first day of  the school year, August 12th. We must have this form on site in order for your child to attend school.

Read through the Safe Sleep Policy.  Fill out the Sleep Exception Form only if applicable.