Towne Creek Summer Camp ’17 K-6th – To Be A Hero

What is a hero?

A person noted for courageous acts or nobility of character; a person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities.

Most of us are aware that you don’t have to wear a cape to be a here.

This summer, the afterschool camp program is designed to instill in our campers that they can be considered a hero for a variety of reasons.   Whether it’s being a team player in activities, making a friend feel special, helping others in the afterschool program or one of the younger age groups, or showing eagerness to try new adventures and learn new skills, our campers will have countless opportunities to realize how important they are! In addition to being involved in the variety of activities offered, what is equally as important is making friends and building positive relationships.

What is so special about a Towne Creek Summer?

summer camp graphic

Although we’ve provided excellence in children’s programs for 34 years, we are always looking for new and creative ideas to keep our programs fresh, new and exciting.  Our camp counselors are degreed teachers or experienced college students whose goal is to offer a meaningful, purposeful, fun summer in the most safe and secure environment possible.  We are so fortunate to offer swimming daily (on site) as well as play in an indoor gym area to keep the kids away from our summer heat!   With our weekly themes and a great variety of activities planned daily, our campers have an awesome summer while experiencing positive life lessons.    Each week, the campers will be involved in a variety of activities that are planned to foster independence, team building, character building, learn new talents and skills and of course, to have fun!

Students this summer will experience Robotics workshops, extreme field games, learn the sport of football, show off their talents in our annual talent show and kick off the school year with our Karate specialty camp.  Below you will find a brief description of what’s in store this summer!

Weekly Themes and Field Trips
Divided We Fall – June 5th-June 9th

Fall into a universe of stamina building obstacle courses.  This week’s activities will encourage unity and activate your sense of adventure and self-confidence.   During training, your adrenaline will soar as you develop your superpowers.  Strategies that promoted independence and also the development of positive friendships will be provided.  Test yourself during Operation Fall (Urban Air Trampoline Park Field Trip)  The facility has an Urban Warrior Course with challenging lines, cargo nets, monkey bars and hanging swings.

Fantastic Four – June 12-June 16

You won’t be exposed to cosmic rays but this week will be filled with intense hands-on activities. During your mission, you will be invited to extend your five senses as you explore the unimaginable.   You will be encouraged to discuss the challenges scientists and engineers face when designing a space mission.  Evaluate your theories during Operation Up, Up and Away (NASA Space Center Field Trip) and learn how rockets and spacecraft send humans into space.   This week will also create a display for our Hero Hallway of Fame.

Freedom – June 19-June 23

Intelligence, Strength and Confidence are Superhero traits.   This week we will provide each squad with strategies to develop leadership and problem solving skills.   Our daily activities will be filled with opportunities to increase your strength in friendliness, patience and courage.  A superhero can be anyone who is quick and smart and can accomplish the impossible.  Operation Freedom (Planet Wow Field Trip) will allow you to explore and put your new skills to use in their state of the art bounce arenas and awe-inspiring inflatables.

Generation X – June 26th-June 30th

Generation X is a group of Mutants with superhuman powers.  Mutation is the act  of being altered or changed. While you probably have not encountered mutants in your classroom, you may know someone who has been identified as gifted and talented.  When we learn new skills we are changing the way our brain is wired.  This week, we will learn about the gifts and talents of our squad members.  Look beyond the obvious during Operation Fly (Star Cinema Field Trip).  Test your knowledge of the character Gru in the animated film Despicable Me 3.  (Gru was considerably intelligent as a child 🙂 )

Team Captain July 3-July 7 (Towne Creek Closed July 4th)

Each mission involves more than one squad member.  When you hear the word squad, there has to be someone who leads them. The squad member who steps up and demonstrates leadership skills is usually considered the team captain.   This week each squad will work together as a unit.  During Operation Respect (George Ranch Field Trip) you will be encouraged to help coordinate your squad’s skills.   Please remember, a team captain focuses on helping his/her share share both positive and negative experiences.

Secret Empire – July 10-July 14

Squad Members Assemble…Every superhero squad has an organizational structure or Chain of Command.  This week’s mission will be designed with lots of fun group interactions.  We will focus on the ability to recognized the need for positive communication, leadership and teamwork.  There will be two missions this week.  Squad K-1st will debrief after Operation Paint (The Glazery Field Trip).  Painting is a healthy way to enhance your creative skills.  Squad 2nd & Up will debrief after Operation Amusement (Main Event Field Trip).

Superheroes – July 17-July 21

With great power comes great responsibility!  Team play is always a high priority. Each member has a responsibility to his team.  This week’s theme will help you understand there is no “I” in team.   Whether on the field or on the court, communication is important.  Physical signals and verbal messages are the types of communication used on the field.  During Operation Play Ball (Constellation Field  Field Trip) pay close attention to how the players change their tone when they communicate.   During a mission would your environment affect how your messages would be delivered?

Dr. Strange July 24 -July 28

Some Superheroes live ordinary lives that are accented by extraordinary deeds. Dr. Strange is a fictional superhero and brilliant neurosurgeon. Think about who keeps you safe, helps you when there’s a fire, or helps you keep your body strong and healthy. Analyze your surroundings during Operation Fit (The Alpha Omega Field trip) and search for ordinary superheroes in our fellow campers.  We will create our own exhibit to recognize the heroes in our lives.

Monsters Unleashed – July 31-August 4

Run if you can!  Hide if you must! Monsters have invaded the Towne Creek Summer Camp!   During this week, we will be having our Crud Wars at Oyster Creek Park.  We’ll incorporate fun,  safe and messy art, science and cooking in monstrous proportions!   Campers will set aim on the target and have fun learning the sport of archery.

Guardians of the Galaxy August 7-August 11

Guardians of the Galaxy work together to protect the universe. Close your eyes and thing of the best moments of your life.  Did any of your memories involve playing on a team?  This week your team members will get to know each other even better, build trust and learn to work together.   We will have two secret missions.  During Operation Trust, Squad K-1st will stay at Command Center and have a special Paint Party.  Squad 2nd & Up will deploy for Operation Tag (Cici’s & Lazer Tag) to test their skills.

Days of Future Past  – August 14-August 16

The X-Men send the Towne Creek kids into the past in a desperate effort to change history and save the school! This week campers will see how things change over time. All campers will be encouraged to dress like they lived in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s  or 90’s, and eventually the 2000’s. We will venture back in time and experience what that period was  like by playing games and creating art projects from the past to change the future.